Via Souterrata du Dévoluy is a unique concept in Europe!

Desirefor adventure? Via Souterrata du Dévoluy is a unique concept in Europe!

Enter via ferrata and caving, discover the massif of Dévoluy under an unpublished angle!

During 1 hour, explore a cave reassured(secured) on 300m of length. By following the life line, you will progress by means of levels, of small walking(steps), and will cross a bridge(deck) of monkey and a footbridge.

An exceptional and sports experience in karstic environment waits for you for a collection of adventure and sensations!

Hung on on a life line of the beginning till the end, the progress is made in total safety, while respecting the natural environment.

To make in it via souterrata, it is necessary to park to Superdévoluy on the big parking lot in the entrance of the station.

From there, a marking tagging is proposed to you to guide you up to the entrance of the cavity (approximately 20 minutes on foot).

Via souterrata is quoted " rather Difficult + " because of the underground environment, it is recommended be framed by guides speleologists for a first discovery. Cut minimum: 1,40 m

The regular customers of via ferrata, of climbing or speleology can as for them evolve underground in perfect autonomy!

And from July, 2018, a karstic course waits for you along the path leading to the entrance of the abyss. The underground heritage of Dévoluy will have no more secret for you!

Opening All year long. Free access.

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