The Devoluy is a wild and authentic universe, where everyone will be amazed by the meadows and their walls of stones, and the hamlets with their rich and diversified flora and fauna.

The Devoluy is a mountain which touches the sky with its great walls of limestone at more than 2700m of altitude (obiou, gd ferrand, pic de bure); this little fortress will delight you and you ‘ll want to discover all its treasures.

4 seasons in the Devoluy: 

lot of diversified activities, all levels, are offered all year long, pick one (or more!) for you to enjoy!

  • Winter in the Devoluy, is a beautiful shinny snow: long fields     of sparkling white, an incredible blue sky and shining sun.
  • Spring, is a glare of Nature’s rebirth: thanks to pastures and     larches greening again, a beautiful palette of greens appears.
  • Summer, it’s a floral explosion, the massif wears sublime colours: from the green of the Alpes pastures to the yellowish of the stones.
  •  Autumn, a new range of colour arrives: the maple trees are getting red and the larch trees are set with gold.