Mountains of the Provençal Rim: Multi-day walks in the Cévennes, Diois Hills, Vercors, Dévoluy, Écrins, Queyras, Chambeyron and Maritime Alps

Ian Maclennan a séjourné au gîte et m'a présentée son livre : Seven multi-day walks are described in this book covering all eight mountain ranges that form a rim around the region of Provence in south-eastern France. Northwards from the coast along the French-Italian border stretch the majestic Alpes Maritimes, Chambeyron Alps and Queryas. The River Durance separates the Queyras from the snow-capped peaks of the Écrins. Then, westward across the River Drac, lie three enticing groups of limestone mountains: a circle of sharp peaks surrounding the Dévoluy, the Vercors Plateau, defended by its impressive cliffs (pictured on the cover) and a beautiful cluster of hills in the Diois. Finally across the Rhône the varied, characterful hills of the Cévennes complete the mountains of the Provençal Rim. A total of 72 days of walks are detailed. Happily only a relatively light pack is required, as lodgings with board are identified for the end of each day’s walk.